7-12 SEPTEMBER 2021

The Fringe Festival is a festival of live entertainment and performing arts, organized without a real artistic direction but on the basis of artistic proposals that come directly from the companies.

The Fringe Festival dates back to 1947: it first appeared in Edinburgh and gradually developed to become the most important performing art exhibition in the world. There are currently 240 variations in all continents.

Expressive freedom, absence of predefined schemes and themes, spirit of adaptation, use of unconventional spaces, proximity to the audience: these are the values and methods that characterize all Fringe Festivals.


The NoLo Fringe Festival was born in Milan in 2019 and is organized by the Bardha Mimòs cultural association. NoLo is the acronym for a Milanese neighborhood that means “north of Piazzale Loreto”, and delimits a particularly active and multi-ethnic area on the northern outskirts of the city.

NoLo is located next to MM Pasteur stop.


The objectives of the NoLo Fringe Festival are to invade the public spaces of  neighborhood with multidisciplinary quality shows without gender limits, to offer a showcase to professional theatre companies that take part in it, to act as a development engine for a new audience, to create opportunities for conviviality and social inclusion and to provide a positive impact on local activities.

The 3rd edition of the NoLo Fringe Festival will be held in Milan from the 7th to the 12th September 2021.