3rd edition


General information

The Fringe Festival is a festival of live entertainment and performing arts, organized without a real artistic direction but on the basis of artistic proposals that come directly from the companies.

The Fringe Festival dates back to 1947: it first appeared in Edinburgh and gradually developed to become the most important performing art exhibition in the world. There are currently 240 variations in all continents.

Expressive freedom, absence of predefined schemes and themes, spirit of adaptation, use of unconventional spaces, proximity to the audience: these are the values and methods that characterize all Fringe Festivals.

The NoLo Fringe Festival was born in Milan in 2019 and is organized by the Bardha Mimòs cultural association. NoLo is the acronym for a Milanese neighborhood that means “north of Piazzale Loreto”, and delimits a particularly active and multi-ethnic area on the northern outskirts of the city.

The objectives of the NoLo Fringe Festival are to invade the public spaces of  neighborhood with multidisciplinary quality shows without gender limits, to offer a showcase to professional theatre companies that take part in it, to act as a development engine for a new audience, to create opportunities for conviviality and social inclusion and to provide a positive impact on local activities.

The 2nd edition of the NoLo Fringe Festival will be held in Milan from the 7th to the 12th September 2021.


Taking part

Artists or companies of any nationality, with shows of any kind and in any language, edited or unpublished, can participate in the Festival. Participation is free and free of charge, open to all without any gender distinction.

The shows that wish to be performed must be:

. in finished format

. lasting between 45 and 70 minutes

. technically simple, suitable for non-theatrical and small-sized spaces

. with assembly and disassembly times not exceeding 15 minutes

The show must be performed in compliance with current safety regulations.



Each artist / company will run their show for 5 consecutive days, from the  7th to the 11th of September 2021, probably between 19.30 and 22, and will take part in the closing party on September 12th, during which the winning show will be announced.

The performances’ times will be subject to rotation, in order to maximize the shows’ exposure.


How to take part

If you want to take part in the Festival, the online form is available on the website

The online form requires a link to the full video of the proposed show: videos submitted in other ways will not accepted.

The deadline is the 21st of March 2021.



The direction of the Festival will select the applications received according to criteria of artistic value and feasibility in the performing spaces available. The spaces for each company will be assigned by the management based on criteria of technical opportunity and specific interest of the type of show.

The selection will take place within the mid May 2021.

The selected artists / companies will be contacted by phone or e-mail to define the details of the participation as well as to sign a specific contract. The contract must be signed and returned no later than ten days of receipt.

The outcome will also be communicated to unselected artists / companies. The organization of the NoLo Fringe Festival reserves the right not to give any explanation on the reasons for its decision.



The artists / companies will be paid a fixed rate of € 850 in total, for 5 shows, inclusive of taxes and SIAE expenses.

Admission to the shows is free. At the end of the shows, the artists / companies will also be able to request a voluntary contribution from the audience, relieving the organization and the venues’ managers from any responsibility in this regard.

The ex-ENPALS (Servizi Gestione Lavoratori Spettacolo e Sport[1]) accessibility costs will be totally borne by the entity that signs the contract with the Festival’s organization.


Technical aspects

The NoLo Fringe Festival guarantees the presence of some basic technical equipment in every space, which are deemed suitable for the show.

Each artist / company will have the opportunity to carry out a technical inspection of the space before the start of the Festival and is solely responsible of the assembly and disassembly of props and equipment before, during and after the show.

It is possible to add elements to the technical layout of the assigned space with the artist/company’s own material, while ensuring compliance with safety regulations and in agreement with the festival’s technical director.

Please note that any special requirements requested from the organization may entail additional costs for the applicant’s company.



The NoLo Fringe Festival is advertised through posters, brochures, printed programs, websites, social media, and online and offline press presence.

The selected companies are also invited to promote their own show independently and according to their wishes, before and during the Festival.



The audience of the NoLo Fringe Festival will decide the winner of the festival by voting at the end of it.

The winning artist / company will have the opportunity to perform the show in a Milanese theatre in the 2021/2022 season, and to represent the NoLo Fringe Festival at other international Fringe Festivals.



It is the faculty of the NoLo Fringe Festival to broadcast the event by television, radio, photographic and telematic means. Each participant authorizes, by joining the competition, the recording, broadcasting and any form of distribution of images and audiovisual material concerning their performance, without any limitation of space and / or time and without having anything to claim either from NoLo Fringe Festival or from public or private broadcasters or collaborators.


[1] Italian national organisation for the Management of workers in showbiz and sport