First edition from 3rd to 9th of June 2019

The festival included two sections: the official programme in which seven selected companies performed their shows every other night on the four main ‘stages’ of the festival and the Fringe Extra, which introduced other shows, performances and meetings in various locations of the NoLo district.


-STAY HUNGRY – Investigations of an hungry man-

written and performed by Angelo Campolo

scenography Giulia Drogo / Video projections Giorgio Rudilosso

production DAF

Winner of Siae Sillumina – Nuove Opere


Angelo Campolo, finalist of the 2016 Ubu Prize as “Best Actor under 35” and artistic director of the Messina’s Daf company, brings on stage a heartfelt and personal, ironic and self-deprecating show on all the modern and types of “hunger” in the world. Stay Hungry talks about “hunger” for public tenders, consumerism, Black Friday and the  most common hunger for food.


by and with Corinna Grandi

direction and collaboration to the script by Carolina De La Calle Casanova


The comic talent of Corinna Grandi is shown in an intimate and currently relevant show that has as its protagonist a woman in her thirties, precarious and wondering whether she may be pregnant. The audience if waiting with her for the result of the pregnancy test, and witnesses her torrential outburst: among doubts, fears, joyful expectations, always on the tip of intelligent irony.

produced by Haste Theater and Turnpike Productions

directed by Ally Cologna and Haste Theater

with Elly Beaman-Brinklow, Valeria Compagnoni, Jesse Duprè, Sophie Taylor


The London collective Haste Theatre arrives for the first time in Italy with the show Where the hell is Bernard?, a breathtaking performance in which the four actresses drag the audience into a dystopian world halfway between Black Mirror and The Matrix.

An ironic look at the measures that a government should take if the population continues to age and increase


by and with Luca Cupani
directed by Carlo Turati


Luca Cupani an immigrant in London, a practicing catholic and an observant hypochondriac, in Parole in corso speaks off the cuff about the world through his eyes, all accompanied by an innate sense of guilt and a gentle dark humor.


Script and direction Gloria Giacopini and Giulietta Vacis

with Gloria Giacopini

Giacopini / Vacis company


“Being a woman is not easy. Especially when no one notices that you are a woman”. Here’s how the show begins. Gloria Giacopini plays herself in a perfect stand-up comedy in which she lightly, casually and accurately addresses the issue of gender difference and violence against women.


testo e regia di Luca Zilovich
con Maria Rita Lo Destro e Michele Puleio
produzione Officine Gorilla/Teatro Della Juta/Commedia Community


Relationships are intrigues that are difficult to untie, mazes in which it is easy to lose your way. The two protagonists of the show, Emma and Theo, meticulously live the relationship and, at some point, their relationship “becomes lost”. The show tries to find the exact point where the couple fell apart.

by Greta Cappelletti
with Fabio Paroni


In addition to the Italian stand-up comedy, there is only one name: Di Fabio in Frasca. A show that falls apart like its protagonist: a man who is angry with himself and is plunged into a vortex of great ambitions, failures, irresponsibility. (Please note that this show has a high improvisation rate and the above description may be of no value).


Culture taken where you expect less: this is a conflict we love, and we find it in many projects of Fringe Extra.


On the stage of Zelig Cabaret, Davide Lorenzo Palla took his Othello with his special format, Tournée da Bar, that brought Shakespearean classics to the premises among people for years and has created an affectionate audience that follows them everywhere: even in theatres!


In Poetry Menu, professional actors, dressed as elegant waiters, invaded neighborhood presenting their selection of poems to choose à la carte.


Gianni Celati’s jerky writing is almost poetry and Lunario del Paradiso is a reading at the rhythm of jazz. Michele Di Giacomo and the music of Jonathan Pappalardi, took it to the stage at Spazio Hug.


Halfway between theatre, installation and play, with The machine for the unconscious theatre by the company La Voce delle Cose, every day at Spazio Hug, it was possible to experience firsthand in the interchangeable roles of actor and spectator.



The Trotter Park is one of the most beautiful and popular parks in Milan; during the festival it hosted several events dedicated to a less strictly theatrical audience. At the Ex-church of the park, Con-Tatto, as the result of a workshop organized by the Arts and Crafts Association with the inhabitants of Via Padova; and Voices of the Present Time, performances by a group of teenagers of different nationalities, directed by Luca Malinverni. Finally the Hispano-American choir of Milan gave a wondeful performance.


In the Teatrino del Parco, a show was also specifically conceived for teenagers: Wherever I am, by the young company Cicconi / Radice, about their current struggle of juggling between the real and virtual worlds. In addition, the Exedra of Via Giacosa was the ideal setting for children’s shows, mimes and clowns.


In total agreement with the spirit of sharing that distinguishes the NoLo Fringe Festival, Beppe Salmetti, Carla Stara and Paula Carrara brought Shakespeare among the people of Via Padova, in a traveling show of great impact for the locals.


Actors, directors, technicians and organizers were selected after a call open to the citizens. The very large audience enjoyed a truly unusual show along Via Padova: the duel between Montecchi and Capuleti at the Heracles Gym, the famous balcony monologue with a light-hearted Juliet overlooking the railing of a typical Milanese court, so that when Romeo is in danger, he can only escape on the number 56, the legendary bus that runs throughout Via Padova.



Davide Verazzani

Promotore e

curatore artistico

Ippolita Aprile

Comunicazione e

ufficio stampa

Giulia Brescia


Francesca Minelli

Visual designer

Silvia Rudel

Logistica e

contatti compagnie

Matteo Russo

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